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Resolved to throw away the little strings

Mt. Olivet News

What a wonderful Christmas I had in spite of the exceptions that we had to make. Rather than our usual get together in Sledge, I spent a quiet day with my sister, their nieces, nephews and friends seem to have made special effort to call and share the holiday cheer.

One week before Christmas, Morgan Graff of Heaven’s Trees Bed and Breakfast in Como took the time to copy the 90-page Black Jack Cookbook and bring it to me in Batesville. The cookbook was actually the cumulative effort of the ladies of the Parish of the Open Door of The United Presbyterian Church of which Black Jack was a member.

The Parish of the Open Door at the time was made up of seven churches, Independence, Oakland, Black Jack, Coffeeville, Courtland, Enid and Pine Hill. The Rev. E.E. Stidham was the minister of the churches and did a wonderful job of shepherding them together.

The 60-year-old cookbook had many recipes from the Black Jack women including Hilda Wilson, Faye Joiner and Sue Phelps. Many other women who have passed on whose recipes were in the book included Mrs. Delle Traywick, Fannie Koonce, Katie Ales, Miss Jennie Murphy, Mrs. Eva Smith and Jean Smith.

There were many recipes from the Independence Presbyterian Church ladies including the late Mrs. George Randolph, Mrs. R.M.Randolph and Mrs. C.M.Randolph all had several recipes in the book. Mrs. R.M.McCulley and Mrs. Walter Sullivant shared a recipe for a Karo pecan pie.


Morgan Graff received the book from her cousin Phyllis Herron who had several delicious recipes in the book. One tip that I found interesting among the many pages of helpful household tips was if you had a crack in precious china is to boil it in milk.

I received a phone call from the Rev. Robert Rawson Christmas. I miss his morning radio devotionals that he gave for a number of years over WBLE radio in Batesville. If there ever was a voice to soothe the savage beast it would be Bro.Rawsons calm voice.

I was happy to know that he and Miss Jane are now living in Crocket, Mississippi and continuing his ministry there. Of all the scholars and men of the bible, I considered him the ultimate scholars.

With only one more day left in this year, looking back I can see so much that I have learned.I have found even stranger things that I absolutely had to have I can do without. I no longer take a lot of things for granted and appreciate the small things in life. I have observed the changing of the seasons more closely than even before.

Just a few days ago began the winter season where I no longer feel the sadness at the barren trees but anticipate the tiny little buds that will emerge come spring time.

I used to make tons of New Year’s resolutions and most of them broke a few days later. This year I have only one. I read a story by Charles R.Swindoll, the great preacher and writer and it went like this.

In going through my grandmother’s attic many years after she passed away (I knew she was a product of the great depression and saved everything). I found a huge box of tiny little strings with her handwriting on the side that said ” string too short to do anything with.”

My resolution is to throw away all the little strings in my life too short to do anything with.

Ponder this: “modern cynics and skeptics…see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage than is paid to their plumber” – John F.Kennedy.

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