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Read, learn and carry on

Today’s Special By Peggy Walker, R.D. August is here, school’s back in session and time to learn a few kitchen tips, pointers, hints, secrets, reminders, ... Read more

Litter is a problem for people, wildlife, pets

By Leslie Burger MSU Extension Service The amount of trash along Mississippi’s roadways and waterways is distressing. Beer bottles, soda cans, soiled diapers, cardboard boxes ... Read more

Buck Moon coming this Friday

By Steve Norris Weather News We have been in a stormy weather pattern and I don’t see that changing much for the week ahead with ... Read more

Old Carson episodes perfect way to combat boredom

By Ricky Swindle Muffler Shop Musings Howdy, friends! I feel like that gal on HeeHaw, Mary Ann Rogers, who used to say, “It’s been an ... Read more

Robert St. John’s Baked Shrimp and Squash

6 cups              Squash, cubed 1/4 cup            Clarified butter or canola oil 1 Tbl               Garlic, minced 1 tsp                Salt 1 tsp                Pepper, freshly ground 1 Tbl               ... Read more

Legacy Recipes are always favorite

By Robert St. John The late great American chef and icon, Paul Prudhomme created and developed thousands of recipes in his lifetime. His books are ... Read more

Remembering a lifetime of books and joys of family reading

By Jan Penton-Miller Panolian Columnist Here it is the middle of July before I can even turn around. The days, months, and even decades seem ... Read more

Have another helping of zucchini

Today’s Special Oh, come on, let’s eat some more garden-fresh zucchini for it’s not going to last forever. DW’s expecting any day now to wake ... Read more

True Christianity shown by doctor’s receptionist

By Ricky Swindle Muffler Shop Musings Howdy, friends! I am visiting a doctor in Oxford Thursday. There is nothing major going on with me, just ... Read more

Fourth of July in Casablanca was like no other

By John Nelson Panolian Columnist A recent look through old personal logs brought back recollections of past July 4th celebrations and reminded me that Independence ... Read more

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